Thursday, April 11, 2013

Parents & The Brain: Wondertwin Powers Activate!!!

The brain is capable of so much! Telekinesis, telepathy, mind control...wait I'm thinking Star Wars. Still the brain actually is extremely powerful. I'm a self-described neuro-geek. I've really dedicated myself to studying neuroscience and education. It just makes so much sense to me. Parents and educators are in the business of brains. We are focused on helping others (children or students) learn, preferably to their fullest potential. The marriage of neuroscience and education is fairly new, with new and amazing discoveries made possible because of advances in technology. Yet, what works in regards to learning isn't new. We are just gaining greater understanding of "why" it works so well, and that understanding can help us decide what best fits OUR learners.

This is what excites me most! Neuroscience? Cool. Gimme more. Life long learning? Sign me up! I'm an autodidact (extra fancy use of a word...+1 to my nerd score)!  Solid parenting? Heck ya! That's what I do, all day, every day! But the thought of combining these together blows my mind! Sure, schools are now JUST starting to incorporate brain-based learning into the classroom, but PARENTS need this information even more. You may have heard me say this already, but I'll bang this drum all day. The most incredibly gifted, talented, caring, resourceful, and dedicated teacher (even with brain-based strategies) will only know your child for 8-9 months tops? And during that time, despite any superhuman powers they may possess, their attention is divided among a classroom full of students. How about you? You have a lifetime of experience...your attention is laser focused...and you likely have super powers (don't sell yourself do)! Combine neuroscience, education, and you're developing even more super powers and passing them onto your kids!!!

This leads me to an article I'd like to share with you. Often we limit ourselves (and in this case our brain) because of what we "think" we are capable of. We stop short of achieving MORE, because we limit ourselves to expect LESS. The brain is no different. There are a few myths out there about what your brain can and cannot do. What percentage of the brain do you use? Are the brains of girls and boys different? This article is a great place to start, especially as I continue to share ways that you can set the brain on course to reaching its FULL potential! So start with some myth busting!

Myth Busting the Brain